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Bivvy Top Work Mat and 1 Magnetic Hook

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Expertly designed to keep your essential rig preparation items such as baiting needles, scissors, knot pullers, bait floss, rig putty, etc…secure and where you left them.

Simply roll out the waterproof Bivvy Top Work Mat across the top front part of your Bivvy or Shelter and place down the terminal tackle items you need. Together the mat’s non-slip surface and weighted ends keep the items in place and stops them from slipping away or sliding off, allowing you to prepare your rigs quickly and comfortably!

You also have the option to attach À La Carp Magnetic Hooks to the weighted bars. This provides a secure and convenient place to stow your accessories, such as your receiver, catapult, glasses, vehicle keys, etc.

The Bivvy Top Work Mat comes in a hand made, water resistant camouflage drawstring bag


Please note. The standard length of our Bivvy Top Work Mat is 120cm. If you would like a different size, enter the length you require (minimum length 60cm, maximum length 120cm).

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