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Rat Trapping Station

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Do you have problem with brown rats (rattus norvegicus) gnawing your expensive fishing equipment, nets, bags, rod holdalls etc… Rats contaminating your store/shed/garage with their droppings and urine?

Keep rats in check!

Introducing the ultimate compact rat trap, tamper resistant, secure lock system, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The rat station comes with a durable sprung loaded “Gorilla” break – back trap designed to provide a fast , clean kill.

Gorilla rat traps have three sensitivity settings (located under trap) so smaller non – target species won’t activate the trap.

The rat trapping station is supplied with a uni- plastic key ( Spare keys are available).

Operating instructions included.

Top Tip: Once you have installed the rat trapping station against either an internal or external wall, avoid moving the trap, so rats become accustomed to its presence. The trap treadle can be carefully baited. We recommend Nara “Vanilla” Lures for ultimate attraction (see our Lures)

It is recommended that additional rat trapping stations are placed every 4/5 meters. Depending on rat infestation levels.

Dimensions: (h) 101mm x (w) 262mm x (d) 166mm

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