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Reel Splash Mat

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We’ve got it covered with the new À La Carp – Reel Splash Mat that serves a multitude of purposes.

The soft, lay flat, ripstop material prevents vegetation interfering with the delicately set indicators and lines. Additionally, the mat eliminates incidences of grit being pushed into the workings of expensive reels.

Presented in smart, water-resistant DPM camo, the mat includes four brass pegging points to ensure a level pitch on a any terrain.

  • Measuring 100cm x 60cm, the mat enhances any 2/3 buzzer bar set up perfectly.

The splash mat comes with four robust galvanised steel ground pegs.

Each À La Carp splash mat is treated with waterproofing and UV blocker. This improves water repellence, increases fabric strength and protects against UV deterioration.

  • Easy wipe clean material.
  • Comes with four 7″ pegs
  • Weight 452g (without pegs)
  • Camo drawstring bag (optional extra). Please see online shop menu listing.


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