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The Mighty Mouse Trap MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN Free UK Delivery

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The Mighty Mouse Trap

Do you have a problem with marauding mice in your shed, garage, or store?

Mice eating and contaminating your stored baits with their droppings and urine.

Rodent damage to your expensive fishing gear, landing nets, weigh slings, and more…?

Take action and protect your fishing equipment with the secure,and lockable Mighty Mouse Trap !

Each covered mouse station comes with a Gorilla trap designed to fit snugly inside the box.

Once the mouse is caught, simply remove with gloved hand and dispose of the mouse in refuse or bury. The trap is then ready to be re-set.

NB. It is recommended the traps are positioned against an internal solid wall and spaced every 2 metres.

Top Tip: The Gorilla trap can be baited with a small piece of peanut/chocolate or (Nutella) for added attraction.

Each Mighty Mouse Trap comes with its own key. ( Spare key’s are available)

Dimensions: (h) 62 x (w) 140 (d) x 115 mm


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